Sick Day

It has been a “sick” week around our house.  First I got IT, the sore throat, body aches, kinda feverish cold.  Then our oldest son stayed home with it and today our daughter.  I had to call in from work today.  So much to do and yet a day to forcefully rest and relax.  Kinda […]

Tamás Estates Zinfandel Riserva!

Celebrating my birthday in Monterey has been the best! Especially with the other members of the Bryersantís Family and long time friend “Butter” who frequents our website often. Dinner at the Chart House was unreal. A perfect dinning experience. Livermore Wines to choose from, seared sea scallops, unlimited salad bar, chocolate lava cake […]

Cuda Ridge Cabernet and Birthday Fun

The Bryersantís gang is down in Monterey right now at the Chart House celebrating Carl’s birthday. It’s been a great day of hanging out with the gang in Carmel and Monterey eating good food and of course visiting the tasting rooms.

Monterey boasts many great wines, but for this occasion we needed […]

La Rochelle

It appears that, until school lets out for the kiddos, Friday afternoons will be called “Research Friday” for the ladies of Bryersantís.  This past Friday, you would have found Julia, Rachel, and I at La Rochelle.  Located on Tesla Road, this one is a “must experience”.  I call it an experience because it is truly different from any other […]

Thoughts About Wine

Livermore Wineries

Took a short road trip this weekend just a little bit more than 2 hours drive from Livermore, CA to Fresno, CA.  We passed by many vineyards on our way that didn’t have the attractive hillside lure Napa and Livermore have, but none the less.  After visiting relatives, our trip took us to a […]

Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay

As I was getting things packed up from my son’s baseball game tonight, a friend told me that it sounded like a good night for a glass of wine. Wente’s Riva Ranch to be specific.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love this Chardonnay?  I’m not sure how they make this wine.  Of course, […]