EOS Zinfandel Port: Bryersantís Approved

 Livermore Grocery Outlet

2006 EOS Estate Bottled

Paso Robles Zinfandel Port

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Livermore Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! Red Head Ranch 2003 Zinfandel

Monday Nights are usually “blah” and I was hoping for something to liven up the evening.  What brings excitement to a Monday evening?  A solid Zin that’s what.  Julia went to the Livermore Grocery outlet today and brought home a few wines from the Red Head Ranch Vineyard.  A Paso Robles Winery offering a great […]

Wild Hare Winery California Petite Sirah

California Petite Sirah

I don’t know a lot about Petite Sirah so I found this little blurb on the internet.  “Petite Sirah is one of a group of grapes that took to a new home – in this case California – after moving from the relative obscurity enjoyed at its birthplace – France in […]

Trader Joe’s Zinfandel

Today I picked up a bottle of the Paso Robles Zin, with the Trader Joe’s label, that was featured in the current Fearless Flyer.  There were a few things that drew me to this particular wine:

Paso Robles – I have had many a good Zin from the Paso region and am always interested in trying […]