Welcome to Livermore Ehrenberg Cellars!


Livermore wine country has a new inhabitant.  Last weekend, Todd and I were able to sneak away for a bit and check in with our newest winery.  Ehrenberg Cellars is located right off of Telsa Road next to The Singing Winemaker.  Their current menu for tasting includes their 2010 Swirl Pinot Grigio, 2009 Swirl […]

Summer Has Arrived!

It’s summertime and the living is easy in Livermore wine country.  The kids have been released from school about a week and already I’ve taken advantage of so many good experiences that come with the privilege of wine country living.

It started with spending Memorial weekend under the shade of a romantic grape arbor […]

Las Positas Vineyards Winemaker Shines in Livermore

Today I had a golden experience as I was able to bask in the glorious sights, sounds, and tastes of Livermormore’s own Las Positas Vineyards, which is located  at 1828 Wetmore Road, here, in the heart of the Livermore Valley wine country.  This winery offers a spectacular view of our gorgeous land and […]

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

If you’re anything like me, the Fourth of July conjours up  all types of feelings and emotions.  Nostalgia is one, patriotism is another, and sentiment is a third…..The Fourth of July is a true birthday celebration of our great nation, it is a day that we celebrate the great freedoms and blessings that have been […]

A Beautiful Day At Charles R Vineyard

Last Friday the girls of Bryersantís, along with Ken and a dear friend of ours, Barbara, headed over to the Charles R Winery tasting room eager to discover another great Livermore winery.  Nestled at the end of Greenville Road you will find a serene and beautiful tasting room surrounded by the oaks […]

Ruby Hill: Futures Focus Group

Ruby Hill invited representatives from Bryersantis to the vineyard for an intense Focus Group meeting this evening.  At the event,  23 vocal members of the winery’s  “Ruby” and “Diamond” clubs tasted four pre-release wines and provided commentary on their futures.  The 2009 Pinot Grigio was the most memorable of the line-up.  Usually when it […]

Ruby Hill Focus Group

Tonight Todd and I were asked to be part of a Focus Group at Ruby Hill Winery.  We talked a lot about events and how they should improve to accommodate the growing number of club members (over 1000 after only 2 years!).  We tasted 4 wines that have not been released yet – 2009 Pinot Grigio (I am not a […]