Odd Lot Chardonnay and Scotto Family Cellars 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel

It was great to have the Bryersantís Gang over Saturday night.  It was a chance to get together and talk about new happenings in our lives, eat homemade pizza, and of course partake in some wine tasting.  This was different from most of our wine tasting get togethers due to the lack of Livermore wines […]

Wente Vineyards is named California’s 2010 “Winery of the Year”!

Bryersantis wishes to extend a hearty congratulations to Livermore’s Wente Vineyards on winning the honor of California’s “Winery of the Year” by the California Travel Industry Association!

This is an enormous achievement as a major component in the decision process goes beyond the winemaker’s excellent wine. It also includes the winery’s contribution to developing the California […]