Bring Back Tuesday Tunes

It’s the first Tuesday after Independence Day and the Livermore concert on the green is in full swing.  As the music plays, a small group of Livermore families meet on the “hill” at Livermore and First St to freely express their disappointment in the Downtown Associations decision to regulate the food and beverages that families […]

Big House Red

Let this be documented, Saturday April 3rd 2010 I did not BBQ!  I know, it’s crazy!!  It’s only because I ran out of propane last weekend.  Anyway, we had stuffed Manicotti tonight and it was delicious.  What went well with it?  Well, a 2008 California Red Wine from Big House Red right here in the Livermore […]

Wine Alert

Ok, I admit it, the label got me.  My favorite kind of art has always been pen and ink.  From the childhood book “Madeleine” to Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are”, the simple inky sketches have always caught my eye. So when I saw Toad Hollow, Erik’s the Red, I was instantly intrigued.  […]

Concannon Wine Tasting at the Livermore Safeway

When you want to find great bottles of wine, the Livermore wineries are not the only places to find them.  The Safeway supermarket located near I-580 at 4595 First Street in Livermore has definitely taken on the wine country spirit.  They have created a phenomenal wine experience in their wine section, in which they have […]