When Going For The Wine Don’t Forget About The Food

Jim Thurman At The Longevity Wines Salsa Throw-down

I was just sitting on the couch watching a food show on one of the many food channels that seem to be around these days and it made me hungry.  As I watched all of the BBQ delicacies that danced across the TV screen my thoughts […]

Longevity Wines Salsa Throw-Down

Longevity Winery hosted Livermore’s Salsa Throw-Down on May 8th, 2010.   Carne Asada and chorizo tacos were served with beans, rice and chips and ~10 different fresh homemade salsas brought-in by Longevity fans.  Kids we occupied playing on the shady grass and sneaking sodas from the ice chest as the adults kept cool with tangy sangria.  Longevity’s […]