Rodrigue Molyneaux

Carl and I had a small carved out amount of time last weekend to sneak away and do a little Livermore Valley Wine tasting.  I cannot tell you how much spending time in this valley makes me smile.  To be able to drive out just a few minutes from our home and be able to […]

Random things I like…..this week

A random thought.  I was thinking about what interests me this week.  I say “this week” because it changes from week to week….sometimes even day to day!  So, currently here it is!

As I past by our wine rack tonight, I noticed this label.  I said to myself, “Whoa!  What’s that!”  I quickly reached down […]

Swirl on the Square!

I don’t think I ever did a dedicated write up on Swirl here in Livermore.  The greatest experience with food and wine.  Rocco treats you like the only customer there.  The personal attention can’t be beat!  Go there for a casual meal or try a flight of  Livermore Valley Wines.  Tell Rocco that Bryersantis sent […]

Trader Joe’s Zinfandel

Today I picked up a bottle of the Paso Robles Zin, with the Trader Joe’s label, that was featured in the current Fearless Flyer.  There were a few things that drew me to this particular wine:

Paso Robles – I have had many a good Zin from the Paso region and am always interested in trying […]

2007 Livermore Valley Rodrigue Molyneaux Sangiovese

Here’s another new one for me!  I have not tasted at Rodrigue Molyneaux, but I hear all their wines are great.  They are located in Livermore on Marina Street.  I was given a bottle of the 2007 Sangiovese to try recently, so I decided to open up the bottle tonight.  Not a very strong aroma, but I did […]

Celebrating With Good Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking the afternoon to go wine tasting with Julia and Rachel (all for the sake of research, of course).  We started off with our friends Debra and Phil at Longevity – a wonderful experience as always.  After that we headed out to Tesla Road to cover some new ground for us.  We went […]

Monday Night Blues

It’s Monday night after a great weekend.  The first day back is usually hard for me to get back into the swing of things. Normally my wife would call or shoot me an email during the day to let me know her ideas for dinner.  That is if she was not driving the kids home […]

El Sol

El Sol Winery

Down an old country road on the eastern edge of Livermore is a winery named El Sol.  The first thing you see when approaching El Sol is the sign bearing the artistic logo my wife loves so much.  As you drive onto the property you are greeted by a country farmhouse, which looks […]