Bring on Spring and Ruby Hill Elevato!

Once in a while it happens.  An opportunity comes along and you decide to make the most of it or let it pass you by.  We made the most of it today!

While the rest of the country is being frozen out or buried alive in snow, we have been spoiled with glorious spring-like […]

San Diego Field Trip

Springtime and harvest time are two of the greatest seasons in our  Livermore Valley.  This Spring we had some late rains and Jenny and I escaped to San Diego for a week.  We spent most of our free time at the pool instead of investigating which Livermore wines are most popular down here in San […]

Spring Chill

Many of you have been wondering, “What is the effect of the recent temperature drop on Livermore vineyards?”.   Fortunately for Livermore, our elevation is around 500 feet and we’ll likely escape episodes of Spring frosts.  That’s great news since the vines have moved out of their dormant period as Julia has noticed while inspecting the […]