Bryersantis Approved: 05/30/11

Bryersantís Approved: Livermore Grocery Outlet

2007 Sterling Vintner’s Collection

Sauvignon Blanc

Central Coast, California


Official Bryersantis Wine Alert!!!

This is an official Bryersantis Wine Alert.  If you have been to the Grocery Outlet in the past month, you may have noticed a few varietals of the Sterling label.  Today, the Livermore Grocery Outlet received 15 cases of the Sterling Syrah.  This one sells for $5.99.  It is an outstanding wine at an […]

Fantastic Wines Currently at the Grocery Outlet

This morning I started my day with a trip to the Grocery Outlet, or the GO, as Julia likes to call it!  Having been there just 2 days ago, I went back because of a great bottle of Sterling Merlot.  Not normally a Merlot drinker, I was really suprised when I ended up loving it.  Figuring there […]