Livermore Wine Experiences

It’s been a little over a year since this picture was taken.  This was the evening that Bryersantís was born.  As the six of us sat in my backyard drinking Livermore wine, we questioned the reasoning behind going all the way to Napa for wine tasting when we had all of the Livermore wineries […]

Livermore Valley iPhone App Released

With the Livermore Harvest Festival in full swing this weekend, I had the opportunity to stop by Longevity Winery to pick up a club pack that has been waiting for me. Upon entering the tasting room I found Debra talking with a man about a new application for the iPhone. Talk about the iPhone always […]

Bringing The Wine Tours To You!

Had a great Friday night catching up with long time friends we don’t get to see often enough. We met at the Marina in San Leandro for happy hour and half priced margaritas! Good times!

A conversation came up about wine tasting and how they were planning a trip to Napa but it fell through. […]