Last Research Friday of the Year

It was a little chilly yesterday, but we were all happy that the rain had decided to stay away.  The plan was to visit Fenestra for the last Research Friday before the New Year. Fenestra was a perfect spot for this outing as their property has a beautiful picnic area that is perfect for […]

Friday At Fenestra

It’s another beautiful day in Livermore and things finally fell into place for me to visit the Fenestra Winery, which I have been trying to get to for at least six months now. Rachel, Jenny, and I headed down there with the kids and found there was a great grassy area for them to […]

Release The Kraken

The Vine Theater is Livermore’s older downtown movie house.  In junior high, my buddies and I would collect $2 in change from around the house and cruise our bikes to the Vine to escape the heat for an afternoon.  We’d purchase some of the typical snacks like Mike ‘n Ikes and Reese’s Pieces.  In 2009, the Vine […]