Wine Education Series At Nottingham Cellars

On the second Saturday of each month, Nottingham Cellars hosts their Wine Education Series.  I was able to join them last month when their education series focused on Malbec.  The course started out with the tasting room manager, Bryan Dias, presenting the history of the Malbec grape.  His presentation was very informative as he lead […]

Release The Kraken

The Vine Theater is Livermore’s older downtown movie house.  In junior high, my buddies and I would collect $2 in change from around the house and cruise our bikes to the Vine to escape the heat for an afternoon.  We’d purchase some of the typical snacks like Mike ‘n Ikes and Reese’s Pieces.  In 2009, the Vine […]

The Sisters Of The Vine

Today I went to Oakland for lunch with my sisters and some friends.  We don’t do this often enough – it was a great, relaxing afternoon.  Years ago, my sister-in-law and a few friends started an “affinity group” and called themselves the Sisters of the Vine.  I happily married into this group of women that was formed […]