Research Friday At Wente's Tasting Room

It was wet, rainy, and cold this Research Friday, but we were not going to let that deter us.  Rachel got a better offer (if you can call the Justin Bieber movie a better offer) so it was just Julia, Jenny, and I.  It wasn’t until the last minute that we were able to decide […]

Ancient Wine Club

In the last decade, we have seen a rise in younger people enjoying wine.  The 20 something set has started to become a generation of wine enthusiasts, and not just for the relaxing benefits or buzz worthy affects but for the love of wine.  Wine as art.  We saw this reality at Livermore’s Harvest Festival this […]

Ruby Hill Focus Group

Tonight Todd and I were asked to be part of a Focus Group at Ruby Hill Winery.  We talked a lot about events and how they should improve to accommodate the growing number of club members (over 1000 after only 2 years!).  We tasted 4 wines that have not been released yet – 2009 Pinot Grigio (I am not a […]