Time To Make Some Wine

The big day finally came. The sugar levels of our grapes were just right and after a couple of days of rain followed by a couple of mildly warm days, the threat of mold forming on the grapes was a definite concern.  It was a beautiful morning to be up in the vineyard. Members of […]

Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking- Part III

What an awesome night.  The Bryersantís family really came through.  As I stated in the part 2 post of our winemaking experience, this morning I woke up to find our batch ready for pressing.  Of course being the well organized and experienced winemaker that I am, I had all the equipment I needed ready […]

Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking! (Uvas Mistério) II

It has been a fun process so far.  One of the best parts has been watching all of the fizzing that goes on after the cap has been punched down.  The kids love seeing that too and it seems they ask hourly to be able to go punch the cap.

I went down this morning […]