2011 Livermore Barrel Tasting Weekend

Get ready wine lovers.  Next weekend (Saturday March 19th – Sunday March 20th) is the Livermore Valley’s 3rd annual Barrel Tasting Weekend.  This is going to be a great opportunity to get out of the old routine and visit wineries you haven’t been to before.  Be among the first to sample and purchase Livermore’s wines […]

Nicole’s Parents Wine

About 6 weeks ago, the Bryersantis family decided that we needed to have a wine tasting.  We had found some wines at the Grocery Outlet, a winery or 2 and a special unlabled bottle from my friend Nicole, whose mom and dad, that lives in Sonoma made.  I am all about the home winemaker, in […]

Cuda Ridge Wines Featured Winery


Hidden Creek

Hidden Creek 2005 Syrah

Nestled in a small court off of Vasco Road is a winery named Hidden Creek.  This winery doesn’t have the grandiose architecture of the larger wineries, but behind their little storefront the winemaker, Jim Frost, applies his craft to make masterpieces.  I had the opportunity to try the Hidden Creek […]

Occasio Winery

I love that we are getting out there and bringing friends into the uncharted territory of the Livermore Wineries with what we now lovingly call “Research Fridays”.  I just need to say… I love research Fridays!  I love the chance to get out into my “backyard” to relax, sip some wine, and meet new people […]

Ode To The Weekend

It’s Thursday night and with that, thoughts of the upcoming weekend run through my mind.  I don’t know about you, but after a long and exasperating week, I am anxious to get the weekend started.  My favorite day of the weekend would have to be Friday night.  I guess that’s not an official whole day, […]

El Sol

El Sol Winery

Down an old country road on the eastern edge of Livermore is a winery named El Sol.  The first thing you see when approaching El Sol is the sign bearing the artistic logo my wife loves so much.  As you drive onto the property you are greeted by a country farmhouse, which looks […]