The Vine and Wine

If your looking for a great date night for you and your loved one, The Vine Cinema on First Street in Livermore is the place to go.  What’s so special about it you say?  Well, does your movie theater serve local wine, deliver food from great restaurants, or have couches as optional seating?  The Vine […]

2008 Stony Ridge Zinfandel

The 2008 Stony Ridge Zinfandel was uncorked tonight and never re-corked. The best wine I’ve tasted in the last 30 days. Period. Priced around $22 at the winery. Grab a bottle and go to Zephyr (no corking fee) and enjoy with the meatloaf.



Bravo to The Vine!

Mixing things up a bit Jenny, Julia, our friend Donna, and I decided to take advantage of another great feature Livermore has to offer. The Vine Cinema!  What’s better than going to see a movie with friends?  Well, along with your standard soda pop and hot buttered popcorn on the menu you can find […]

Bringing The Wine Tours To You!

Had a great Friday night catching up with long time friends we don’t get to see often enough. We met at the Marina in San Leandro for happy hour and half priced margaritas! Good times!

A conversation came up about wine tasting and how they were planning a trip to Napa but it fell through. […]