Open house, Livermore's own Thomas Coyne Winery

Just a few weeks back I went to go visit Thomas Coyne Winery because they were having their open house.  As always the property instantly relaxes you when walking up to the entrance.  Something about that 100 year old building with the fantastic view over looking the vineyards.  Oh yes, to top it all off, […]

Choosing Your Wine For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us once again.  For many of us that means it is time for the traditional Turkey Bowl football games, getting together with family and friends, and of course eating way too much.  Hopefully you have already stocked up on all of your delicious treats and drinks for tomorrow.  If you […]

UnCorked: 3 Steves 2010 Zinfandel!

Here it is! My second episode of Bryersantis UnCorked! This time around I reviewed 3 Steves Winery 2010 Zinfandel. Tell me what you think with your comments below. Hope I’ve given you good information….enough information to get you out and try 3 Steves this weekend! Cheers!

Longevity 2009 Lodi Zinfandel

After a day that seemed that it would never end, Carl texted me a picture of a beautiful poured glass of Longevity’s 2009 Lodi Zinfandel to my phone while I was still finishing up work at 9:00pm.  It was one of those days that felt like I was a hamster on it’s wheel, wearing my […]

Wood Family Vineyards and Livermore Valley's Wine Maker's Dinner

The Bryersantis gang had the pleasure of attending the Livermore Valley’s Wine Maker’s Dinner last Tuesday night.  We had a great time.   Good food, great Livermore wine and great company.  I especially liked the dancing afterwards.  Everyone knows that I can’t stop dancing everywhere I go.  That was sarcasm of course…..oh yeah the real […]

Livermore Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! Red Head Ranch 2005 Zinfandel

Hello fellow wine lovers!  Do you remember when I blogged about the 2003 Red Head Ranch Zin straight from the Grocery Outlet?  If you cannot remember the wine alert from earlier in the month, see details below on my past blog.

Monday Nights are usually “blah” and I was hoping for something to liven up […]

Livermore Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! Red Head Ranch 2003 Zinfandel

Monday Nights are usually “blah” and I was hoping for something to liven up the evening.  What brings excitement to a Monday evening?  A solid Zin that’s what.  Julia went to the Livermore Grocery outlet today and brought home a few wines from the Red Head Ranch Vineyard.  A Paso Robles Winery offering a great […]

The Art of Bunco

I was recently invited by a dear friend to sub at her monthly Bunco game.  I have been a sub before for this group as well as for another group and have always enjoyed it.  If you don’t know what the game of Bunco is, let me give you a brief description.  Each game has 6 […]

Livermore Valley Fenestra Winery 2007 Zinfandel

Simply put, a GREAT wine from Fenestra.  Again, from right here in Livermore.   Sometimes I just can’t get over the great wineries right here in town.  I feel lucky to live here.  Anyway, back on track… a GREAT wine.  This is a truly a Zinfandel in every sense of the word.  If you never have tried a good […]